How to arrange a terrace in an apartment building? - Guide

How to arrange a terrace in an apartment building? - Guide

Although there is a lot of inspiration online, the question of how to decorate a terrace often puzzles their owners. After all, it is a small space that must be skillfully arranged. In today's post, we will advise you on how to arrange it to get the most pleasure out of the moments spent outside!

Terrace - how to arrange a functional and safe space?

Before starting work, it is worth considering:


  • Who is the terrace intended for and how often will users use it?
  • will children and animals use the terrace?
  • what is the exposure of the terrace in the apartment?

Thanks to the answers to these simple questions, it is much easier to plan your work.

If you like to have guests over, the terrace in the block must have a special space to accommodate a set of furniture. If you have a small child or pet, be sure to provide additional protection for the terrace. The presence of children and pets will also require regular maintenance of the floor and common areas.

Finally - exposure to daylight in the case of a terrace is extremely important. It depends on, for example, the selection of plants, the use of additional forms of sun protection and the location of the furniture.

How and when to prepare a terrace for arrangement?

It is worth starting the preparatory work in spring, especially if the dream terrace will be filled with your favorite flowers and herbs. Then it is worth washing the floor thoroughly (depending on its type).

If the terrace is tiled, it is a good idea to use a washer with heat and chemicals to get rid of the dirt build-up in winter. The wooden terrace should be thoroughly dry cleaned and washed with lukewarm water using natural washing agents. If the wood has visible bleeding and cavities, you should consider impregnation for the upcoming season.

Choosing furniture for the terrace - what should you pay attention to?

When deciding on patio furniture, always choose those intended for outdoor use. They are adapted to the changing aura - resistant to frost, moisture and high temperature. A decent set will be worth every cent, especially if you have nowhere to store it during the winter and autumn period.

The type of furniture and their number depend, of course, on the size of the terrace itself. The larger one will accommodate a comfortable set for several people. The most common choice are rattan or rattan sets, in the form of comfortable seats and functional tables that will also allow you to store the necessary junk.

Independent armchairs in a raw, Scandinavian style are an equally interesting proposition. A small terrace can also be arranged with a portable armchair on a stand or a hammock (for wall mounting or on a handy frame).

Lighting ideal for summer evenings

To illuminate the terrace in the apartment building, we can choose:


  • garlands and light curtains,
  • lanterns and candlesticks,
  • spot lighting on the facade,
  • strings of lights,
  • LED hoses.

Currently, due to its handiness and safety, LED lighting is particularly popular. It has its additional advantage - it is very subtle and diffuse; it harmonizes with this unique home corner, guaranteeing relaxation.

When choosing lighting for a terrace in an apartment, special attention should be paid to the color of the light. Supporters of clean, elegant shapes should finish the external entourage with cold light, which will add style and modernity to the arrangement. However, supporters of cozy, soothing spaces should take advantage of the benefits of warm light, which gives intimacy and peace to the space.

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